Types Of Garden Lights and How To Utilise Them

A garden lighting system is a great way to showcase the beauty of your landscape at night. By combining different LED Outdoor Lights, you can make plants and other focal points stand out. But it is essential to understand various lighting types and their functions.

Things to consider when installing lights in your garden:

  • Pinpoint the features you like in your garden and showcase them with light.
  • Emphasize those spaces that are not outstanding during the day.
  • Think about the function of hardscapes and other structures.

Best types of garden lights for your lighting project:

  • Post and Pier Lights: These architectural lights are designed to be set up atop posts or structures. Use them around the deck, fence or gate.
  • Step and deck lights: Such lights are perfect for illuminating an entertainment space. They are also a great addition to structures particularly dark stairs.
  • Path lights: Path lights are undoubtedly the most popular in garden lighting design. They are small posts with a builtin light. These units can be installed along the walkway.
  • Bollard lights: Bollard lights are the heavy duty version of path lights. They are often used to create an architectural landscape or a stylish space. Install them around the garden as guideposts or to separate the driveway from surrounds.
  • Spotlights: Spotlights are the heart of garden lighting. They can be installed to showcase various outdoor features including structures and sculptures.
  • Floodlights: Just like bollard lights, these units are very sturdy. They are great for creating a beautiful space and work better for security.
  • Well lights: This is another version of the spotlight. They are recessed into the ground to give your garden a seamless look in both hardscaping and landscaping. These units can be installed on walls or trees.
  • Pond lights: Pond lights are quite similar to spotlights, but they can be submerged underwater to create a great lighting effect for water features.
  • Hardscape lights: Hardscape lights are the latest models in the garden lighting world. They integrate LED technology, creating tiny lights with flanges or brackets.