Tree Stump On Your Central Coast Property? Consider Total Tree Removal

A fully grown tree is an excellent addition to your landscaping by adding a touch of beauty and privacy. But a tree stump can have the opposite effect. You have two options to deal with a stump—remove it or wait for a tree to sprout. If you choose the former, hiring Kingdoms for stump removal is recommended.

Damaging Effect Of Roots

Perhaps the leading reason for removing tree stumps is to keep roots from damaging foundations and sidewalks. As roots increase in size, they might crack structures located above like pavements and driveways, making it difficult and dangerous to move around your yard. Though stump roots aren’t strong enough to break underground water or sewer pipes, water leaking from these areas can accelerate their growth. This can result in a paved surface being penetrated through. So remove tree stumps along with their roots to avoid any issues in the future.

Problems With Your Home

Having tree stumps around can reduce the beauty of your landscape. It can even lower the face value of your home if you’re planning to sell. If the trees died due to diseases, remaining stumps would spread contagious conditions to other healthy plants. Tree stumps can also damage your lawnmower when trimming the lawn, besides being the ideal environment for common pests including termites and hornets.

Tree Stump Removal

Though you’re experienced in DIY tasks, better have tree stumps removed by a professional service. Putting a chain between your vehicle and the tree stump might seem like a brilliant idea, but it can cause many issues such as damage to your car or a snapped chain. An expert service will use a grinder to reduce the stump to wood dirt and destroy every root underground.

The Sprout Back

Living tree stumps can regrow and develop into mature trees. If you don’t want any tree in that area, remove the whole stump and its roots. Or cut the stump down to ground level and apply rock salt on the surface, then cover the whole shebang with dirt.