Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System For Canberra Heatwaves

An air conditioner is undoubtedly a necessity in every household these days. That is why it is necessary to choose the right model to meet your needs. Here are vital things to consider when buying and installing an aircon in Canberra.


Make sure you select an air conditioner with a suitable size that can be placed easily at most locations. A professional installation service can advise you on choosing the right unit for your house by analysing the available space. If the AC system is too small, it will run nonstop and increase energy consumption, while a large unit will not dehumidify the air effectively.


Many people often choose the least expensive model to save money, but it has been proven that more expensive units are often more cost-effective over time. They feature advanced technologies that reduce the consumption of energy and lower your electricity bills. Make sure to consider installation costs when planning your budget.


Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. So it is advisable to choose a high-quality model rather than a cheap unit. Though you have to spend a lot to purchase advanced aircons, you will enjoy optimal air conditioning for years. Better yet, you can save lots of bucks on repairs.

Air Quality

AC units often come with pre-defined requirements to ensure air quality. It is highly essential to maintain this standard in your house to make sure that the system runs effectively.


Before installing an air conditioner, you should check to make sure that the ductwork is efficient. Check to see if the joints are sealed so that cold air remains indoors. Inefficient ducts often leak up to 20% of cold air into the environment.

Energy Usage

It is always better to choose an energy efficient air conditioner to save money on power bills. Make sure to check the SEER rating, typically ranging from 8 to 13, to select the most cost-effective option. A higher score means a more energy-efficient unit.


When hiring an air conditioning technician in Canberra—we recommend Southern—check if they offer regular support to keep your system in tip-top condition. An excellent service should visit your home twice or thrice per year to perform tune-ups. This will save you lots of money on repairs.


Another critical factor to consider when choosing an air conditioner is durability. By selecting a durable model, you do not need numerous fixes, saving expenses in the long run.


Install the air conditioner at a suitable location where it can cool the whole space efficiently. The condenser should be kept in a shady area to avoid overheating the system. To enhance the efficiency, it is always advisable to keep the surrounds fresh and clean.